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Flowering Ground Cover Type in The Home Page

flowering ground cover – Usually the grass planted on the lawn just ordinary grass of the type of mini elephant grass, Japanese grass, or grass tripe. The third kind is indeed nice, but did not leave the beauty of color other than green.

Did you know, there are many types of flowering ground cover that can replace the lawn? In addition to beautiful, flowering grasses could provide at least two gorgeous colors in the garden and yard. Anything?

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Nuts (Arachis pintoi)
Known as nuts leaf shape is very similar to plant peanuts, oval, small, and growing creeper. The plant itself is actually producing nuts, but not commonly consumed. This grass has pretty yellow flowers were stunning.
Nuts in Hawaii called the peanut pinto this takes six months to grow independently. Before 6 months, nuts require intensive care with good water. But, do not worry. These nuts can grow well in the dry season and the rainy season.

Taiwan Beauty (Cuphea hyssopifolia)
Unlike the nuts are relatively short, measuring beauty taiwan higher, reaching 40 cm. Thus, ground cover this one is also suitable for planting in pots and used as a border area of the park. Flower color varied: white, violet, pink, and some are not flowering. Taiwan beauty comes from Central America, so it is suitable also for a tropical country.

Not only provide beauty, even this plant is beneficial to health. Taiwan beauty leaves believed to relieve rheumatism. The glossy-leaved shrub contains flavonoids and polyphenols. So, plant it in the garden can provide many benefits as well. The price is very affordable.

Types of Ground Cover Home Garden Ideas plant

Carnation (Dianthus Deitoides)
Carnations originating from the Mediterranean region. The color is very conspicuous makes it suitable as a point of interest in home gardens. Carnation generally maroon, and some have a white color accents. This flower grows temperate tropical, To obtain maximum results, planting carnations as the second lowest level after the grass.

Silk Bombay (Portulaca sp)
Just like nuts, silk bombay also almost flat to the ordinary grass. Also planted as a ground cover, silk bombay also commonly grown in hanging pots, so that the plant will be stretched and hanging. Silk bombay including long-lasting garden plant life, could be up for many years.

Bombay have 2 color silk flower, magenta and white. Treatment plant is not difficult, because it can quickly adapt in a hot area. However, at the beginning of the planting you still need regular watering. Once they have been growing well, do not forget to prune regularly as silk bombay grow quickly.

Tread Dara (Vinca rosea)
Plant vinca glance looks like a pink flowering wild plants. In fact, if we could take good care, vinca is a beautiful ground cover. Moreover, treatment is not at all complicated.

To use vinca as an ornamental garden, you need to be diligent to cut it. Wild impression of this plant is on irregular branches. In addition, more often trimmed, the more rapidly and many flowers.

Chrysanthemum propagation (wedelia biflora)
Another ground cover plants are also often encountered as a wild bush vines are chrysanthemums. This plant has yellow flowers. These plants can be used with two functions, as ground cover or as a hedge, because of its size that can reach a height of almost one meter.

As a ground cover, vines must be diligent trimmed chrysanthemums. Plant it in the whole area of land is also a bit difficult. However, this plant could be a border if laid out and trimmed properly. To be used as a hedge, you have to patiently wait for him to grow. For maximum results, must be diligent to cut it.

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Onions  (Zephyrantes sp)
White flowers growing among green foliage is shiny and shaped sticks. Plant origin American continent can reach a height of 20-25 cm. Maintenance is by fertilizing 1 time / month and thinning incidentally. The function of these plants is as a ground cover if planted en masse, as a plant barrier / border, or directional way. Compositing these plants with grass or plants based on high gradation.
Planting a variety of ground cover over an easy and inexpensive alternative. There are other ideas? Please enter in the comments ..

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