Swimming Pool in a Minimalist Home 11

Swimming Pool in a Minimalist Home 11

The Decor is Minimalist With Swimming Pool

The pool is often regarded as something that only a luxury home, yet modern home design is now being included pool even small ones. Sketch of modern minimalist house with a small size, for example, which has only one floor and the size is not too large, many now indicate the pool as an additional facility. Swimming pool design blends nicely with the design minimalist house, and the pool was to give the impression of cool inviting at home, especially on hot days.

Idea Sketch Minimalist House With Pool

There are several ways for you to mix between the minimalist house with a swimming pool; various minimalist sketch of the show floor pool that merges directly with the garden as part of the decor of the compound itself (usually the back yard). However, there is also a pool put a little more away from home due to certain design considerations. Whatever the idea, adding a pool at home should take into account aspects of design and conformity with the circumstances surrounding the dwelling.

Here are some ideas include a swimming pool in a minimalist house sketch:

One-story house with an L shape, and the pool framed by the house. This is a minimalist sketch of the most popular floor for pool owners, because of its shape that frames the swimming pool. This is perfect for a home that size is not too large yard so the pool is located in the correct spot, next door to the house.
The pool in the front yard. Minimalist house one floor with a pool can take advantage of the pool as a decoration if the front yard wider than the backyard. The swimming pool should be given to match your decor to decorate the yard, for instance by sculptures, ornate planters with plants, or gazebo.

The swimming pool in the middle of the house. If your home does not have a front and back yard area, you can build a house with an open area in the middle, then in this area built pool. You can create these pools are connected with the inner patio and a door that connects to the house.
Sketch of a minimalist home can be made according to the size and shape of the house, and then you determine decorations and ornamental pools that match the design and material of the house.

The decor is minimalist with Pool
House with a swimming pool complement each other, so the decor and the pool house should be made to match. For example, if you have a lawn, it will match the blue swimming pool and gives a natural feel. You simply install the edge of the pool as the outskirts of concrete tiles that flank the banks of ponds, and paths for your feet from the house to the pool as cement or concrete footing rectangular shaped plate (or slab circular shape or form wavy edges to be unique).

Some minimalist house in densely populated areas or those who do not want to have a pool surrounded by a grass area choose to make concrete or cement in the courtyard area where the pool is built. This gives more room to put a sunbed, or even furniture such as a sofa bed and a bench. When no one was swimming, the pool area could be a place to socialize. You also can put the dining table in the outdoor area near the pool, so be extra space for the occupants of the house minimalist.

Another decoration for the pool are much favored minimalism is the pool that is placed in the middle of a wooden patio, with wooden steps as a walk from the house to the pool. This design fits perfectly with the minimalist one-story house, even if your house is quite modern style tends to the dominant color is white or neutral color as the exterior. A blend of modern home with large window glass panels, sliding doors or wide doors and minimalist exterior wooden patio with a swimming pool is perfect and popular in modern design.

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