Succulent garden care ideas indoor

Succulent garden care ideas indoor

How to care for an indoor succulent garden

Indoor succulent garden – If the first was booming trend wave of love and plant other crops that moment so dream, now turn succulent middle spotlight. Its unique shape makes it started is often used as souvenirs. Especially placed in a pot that is funny, makes every eye gazed in awe at the plant this one. Especially when it is placed near the window, desk, or a bookshelf, it would look very charming. Many people say it is easy to care for succulents. Staying put in a hot place, wrong. But, it was not a bit of trouble. Finally, succulent hers so it looks ugly, withered and died. Succulent plants are very unique to the pot with an interesting motif.

So actually how to care for succulents correctly?

Select succulent appropriate for indoor area

There are many types of succulents. Make sure you know what type of succulent that is in your home. Some succulent species are less able to adjust in the room because it is in dire need of hot air. Make sure you have selected the right for indoor succulent. Succulent most easily found and grown in southeast Asia are aloe or aloe vera. Another type that can tolerate a bit humid air was black rose, sedum kind burro’s tail, pencil cactus, pearl beads, beads banana, lady of Aquarius, and perle von Nurenberg. This species is very easy to find and how to care even easier. But do not let the lack of sunlight for a long time. At least two days, put it where direct contact with sunlight. Strongly recommended to opt for a succulent succulent green color red or purple would be difficult to adapt in the less hot. Prioritizing choose succulent green color for indoor areas, because it is able to survive better.

How to care for succulent garden with the right soil

Succulent grows well in dry and sandy plains. Make sure you provide the land has this character. Or if you need to bring soil from suitable areas, then move to the pot to use a succulent plant. Make sure you have a supply of this land. To make your own, mix 4 parts soil humus, five parts perlite, 1 part sand and a bit of the fertile volcanic soil. Exact composition of the soil will keep the succulent conditions remain healthy and grow well.

How to care for succulent garden with proper watering

How watering succulent is to spray water toward the stem or leaves, not by pouring directly into the ground. Splashed straight into the ground will make the water content increases so easily rot the roots and stems. Spray water with a small discharge to the leaves and then let the water absorbed by the leaves, dries, or evaporate by itself. Do not let the soil becomes wet. Watering succulent by spraying to make the leaves and roots from drying out.

How to choose and organize succulent garden for interior decoration

Many people want to combine a variety of colors succulent in a pot. It looks very pretty. However, because besides succulent green grow less well in an indoor area, should avoid this combination. Suggested combinations are choosing succulent green color of various forms. Could from aloe vera, pearl beads, beads bananas, pencil cactus, or any other kind suggested. Combine two kinds of succulent green for a small pot, or at least 3 types of succulent greens to the pot a bit large.
Unique cup-shaped pot for a succulent. The combination of various forms of succulents as a variation of indoor plants.

In order for succulent in the room look more colorful and attractive, use potted plants with a unique shape. Trends unique succulents in pots was happening. Nowadays there are a large pot with a funny shape, for example the shape of animals, forms the cup, teapot shape, the shape of a doll’s head, or some other form with bright colors. Do not use black plastic pots that are too old.

How to care for succulents garden with irradiation

Although it can be grown indoors, do not ignore the importance of direct sunlight for this succulent. For succulent that is placed near the window, the window open all day so succulent you an abundance of sunlight. For succulent somewhat away from the window, make sure you dry them at least once a day. How to care for succulents is mandatory if you want to keep your succulent plants grow healthy and beautiful. Most importantly, do not forget to give a special fertilizer succulents once a month, to keep the size and shape of its leaves to remain fertile. indoor succulents need to be exposed to direct sunlight and dried occasionally.

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How to care for succulents is not too difficult, if you understand the way from the beginning. Select the sellers who want to share insights on which it sells succulent, so succulent you are not only beautiful when purchased, but also stay beautiful after being taken to the house.

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