How to Style the Perfect Coffee Table 4

How to Style the Perfect Coffee Table 4

The coffee table is often the centrepiece of most living rooms.  It is a functional piece that, when styled, can elevate a living room.  It doesn’t matter if it is a high end designer piece or was purchased from IKEA, your coffee table is a great place to share a bit of your personality.

How to Style the Perfect Coffee Table

The colour palette you choose for the table should be considered carefully.  It’s important to decide if you want to maintain a neutral colour scheme or add a pop of colour to your space.  The colour palette will play a role in the types of items you choose to decorate the table with.

Styling a coffee table with books is one of my personal favourites.  You can include books with sentimental value, personal favourites, ones with interesting topics, or simply ones that have certain colours or bold lettering.  Stacking the books on top of one another is visually appealing and also allows you to place other decorate items on top.

Andles are also a great feature to include on a coffee table.  They look great when placed on top of books and can truly set the mood.  They offer a nice lighting option and if scented, can help set the mood.  An alternative to the traditional candles, is adding a lantern with a candle inside.  This could become a feature piece on a coffee table, depending on the lantern’s size.

Nothing elevates a coffee tables more than fresh flowers.  Real blooms give an elegant flourish to a table and look fantastic beside various decorate elements.  For those who prefer more a rustic look, succulents in decorative planters is an easy alternative to incorporating natural elements to your table.

A popular option you will find in many interior magazines, is the tray.  The tray allows you to arrange items in an organized way, so that they look neat and polished.  They can hold everything from books, to coasters, to flowers, and even a cocktail or two!  You can choose one colour for your tray or you can find trays with graphic prints, whichever is your personal preference.

Adding a hint of whimsy is also a fun way of decorating your coffee table.  You can share a bit of your personality this way, whether it’s in the books you choose or the knick knacks placed on the table.  From coasters you purchased in Paris, to a beautiful box of matches, to a glass bottle, these are all beautiful decorative elements that add a touch your personality to the overall space.

Metallic accents such as gold, silver, and brass can instantly elevate a space without overpowering the room, when showcased on a coffee tables.  A gold skull, a brass wishbone, or a silver jewellery tray are all items that can become fantastic features of a coffee tables, while displaying your personality at the same time.

Coffee tables come in a variety of sizes and styles.  You can ditch the traditional, single coffee table in favour of the upholstered coffee table or even have two tables side by side.  If you love the upholstered look but are concerned about practicality, place a tray on top of the table so it remains a functional yet stylish furniture piece.  Having two tables placed side by side, may be more functional for some as they can be easily re arranged and to where ever they are most needed.

You coffee tables can also serve double duty as extra storage!  Make use of that additional space, whether it’s putting poufs underneath or hiding blankets in a life up ottoman, the coffee table is an incredibly versatile and functional piece of furniture, especially for those who living in smaller spaces.

Whether your prefer feminine elegance, simple neutrals, or a splash of colour, your coffee tables can be styled in such a way that it becomes a focal point of your room and a place for people to relax around.  It can be as beautiful as it is functional!

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