Open living room green

Open living room green

Open Living Room Luxury

Open living room green– Having a spacious house complete with more pages is fun and profitable, especially if you live in a large city that is full of pollution and lack of green trees.
Then your home could arguably be an antidote after a day breathe dirty air that goes into your body. In addition to a page, you can also create a home with the concept of nature or at least a more open concept without much insulation between the room with other rooms. Included in the living room.

Make a living room with an open concept could be some advantages. The first, of course, the living room will look more spacious and airy. Second, because the living room face to face with your home page, then the clean air that comes from the page will make your living room has an air cooler and clean and not stuffy.

In addition, because the living room is a room in which to receive guests and seen by many people, choosing the concept of open living room will certainly make the atmosphere of your living room to be different with a living room in another house, and will certainly make a good impression for you and make your guests feel comfortable your living room. But in addition to making an open concept living room, here are some tips that can make the living room more comfortable.
Here are some tips to make your modern open living space more comfortable.

Tips To Make Modern Living Room Open Becoming More Comfortable

1. Attain Land With Proper Furniture
The first step you should do is put the furniture. Ok with limited land, you should use the tiny furniture with simple design. Not too much to buy furniture and leave some empty space to give the impression of ‘relief’ in your living room. In addition, the convenience factor is important to note. Choose furniture with materials and best quality.

2. Combine Colour Bright and Dynamic
To give the impression of simple, it’s good to give the feel of wall paint colour with the colour muted colours such as white, grizzle or gradation. According to the psychological theory of colours, use neutral colours like white will provide coolness, bright atmosphere and create a better focus. In addition to the elegant, neutral colours will make the living room becomes more widespread.

3. Pay attention to lighting and air circulation
Besides giving the impression of a bright, good lighting factor which may give the impression the room seem more spacious and airy. In addition to lighting, it is important also consider factors such as the installation of air circulation vents through a large window so you can let light in while getting good air exchange.

4. Add Accessories Simple
You can add simple accessories to beautify the room such as flower vases, photo frames, mini flower pots and other. Do not forget to buy the accessories that are essential, which is absolutely necessary and place these accessories according to your creativity.

Now you can apply some of the tips above your living room, then certainly your living room will become more comfortable, both for you and your guests.

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