Light chandelier hangs modern design 15

Light chandelier hangs modern design 15

Modern lighting chandelier

A room would not be complete without their lights illuminating. Lights, as well as other tools at home, not just as an object that has a practical function, but also aesthetic.Therefore, the selection of lighting design will greatly affect the beauty of your home. If you’re still confused to select the lamp which, here we present designs for a modern chandelier minimalist home.

1. Beat

Beat is a hanging lamp by Tom Dixon. This chandelier has been launched to the public since 2006 and is in great demand today. In fact, so many enthusiasts on the design of this lamp, lamp with a similar model has been widely produced in various countries.Lamp with four major models have variants in black, white, and gray. It is suitable for the dining room in the home or for decorating the cafe.

2. Modo (atomic glass ball shape)

Modo is a chandelier shaped glass bulb circuit associated with metal bars, so it makes it look like a tangle of atom balls. Modo addition, there are many design chandelier that also display form glass balls as his cover. These lights fit perfectly displayed in the living room.

3. Frame Geometric

Forms frame geometric form is the most popular in the era of minimalism. Forms like himmeli inspires many designers in designing pendants, ranging from shaped diamonds, hearts, to abstract. This unique lamp fitting to be installed in all the rooms with a variety of interior styles.

4. The diamond-shaped lights

In contrast to the light in the form of geometric order, diamond-shaped lamp has a closed cover. The design is soft, not too industrial, so it is suitable for indoor nuanced feminine.

5. Colorful cord

It turned out that the design can be very simple. Give colorful the light cable is already able to give a cheerful touch in a room. Moreover, if the lights strung neatly. The bulb with colorful wires are very suitable for cheerful minimalist rooms, or for Scandinavian-style rooms.

6. Lights kitchen utensils

Later, came the idea to create a unique chandelier with a cover of kitchen utensils, such as rice container vintage, mason jar, and bottles. The results are disappointing and could be exhibited to the dining room or living room. It is suitable for mid century style house, industrial, or shabby chic, according to the color.

7. Corak metallic

Metallic pattern back in vogue for the design of the chandelier. Can be seen from the shape of the cover, stalk, and light cable. Lights metallic pattern is very fitting to show the impression of luxury in a minimalist home.

8. Item water

In addition to atomic forms, form water droplets also is becoming a trend. Noted number of designers of the world to make a chandelier with light bulbs shaped water droplets, such as Seed Ochre work. These lights are impressive luxury and suitable for all styles of interior.

9. Artichoke

The artichoke-shaped hanging lamp Poul Henningsen’s work and has been adapted by many lighting manufacturers in the world. The design is quite luxurious, suitable for warm colored minimalist rooms.

10. Nut Pendant

Nut is knot-shaped chandelier made of plywood. LZF work lamp has 9 colors and are found in the work of the interior designer. This type of lamp is widely used for hotel, suitable also for the patio and living room area of the house.

11. Lamp puzzle

This puzzle lamp Zelight name. Puzzle pieces made of special heat resistant plastic. Like a puzzle, each piece can be woven to form the lamp cover. So if you buy it, you can customize their own forms, would be made as to what.

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