Lamp shade modern design

Lamp shade modern design

Lamp shade modern design & choosing the right design lampshade

Each component in the interior of the house will affect the appearance of your home. Even the selection of wall hangings, pillowcases, and pots of flowers will show what the interior is already interesting or not. Another thing that should not be underestimated is the lampshade. Design lamp shade should be selected according to themes, concepts, and the condition of the room, to make it look harmonious with other tools.

For those of you who are looking for design lampshade and do not understand how to choose the right lampshade design, consider the following explanation.

Design of the bell-shaped lamp shade

The bell-shaped lampshade is perfect for a classic vintage style house. The house with the design of the lampshade should be warm colored, like beige. But it can also be used for home with white paint, as long as the concept is still classic European style interior. The bell-shaped lamp shade shows the character of graceful, elegant, and tend to be traditional. Very suitable to be placed in the room with the typical Victorian wallpaper patterned or striped brown. While other accessories is a tool to drink from brass, ottoman as a coffee table, and carved nightstand.

Design drum-shaped lamp shade

Lampshade-shaped tube is very versatile and can be used for any home concept, modern and traditional, feminine and masculine, shabby chic style as well as industrial, home to ethnic Balinese and Scandinavian style. Need to do is choose the pattern and colors that match the theme of the room and its unity. So if at any time you wish to re-decorating to change the theme and look of the interior, lamps with drum-shaped hood can be maintained. This versatile character appears because of its clean and neutral, does not tend to any theme.

Design oval lamp shade

Flat oval lampshade may be rare. The lampshade is very suitable to be installed in the narrow room extends, for example, in the hall or in the room were not spacious. The shape is minimalist and luxurious look. You who have this lamp can be proud, because you will not have someone else’s home.
Lampshade design folds

Lampshade folds or creased look very feminine and tend to be traditional. If you look at the lampshade with this design, will usually immediately reminds us of the female skirt folds it. Therefore, you should be careful in using this lamp shade, do not get too collided with the concept of interior room.

Design of the box-shaped lampshade

Lampshade-shaped box has a strong modern character and bore the impression of firmness. These lights can be an attraction if it has a vibrant color that contrasts with the color of the room. His style is more minimalist compared with other forms lampshade design. Lampshade box suitable for modern home modern minimalist style or colonial.

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Thus, the modern design of the lamp shade, may be useful and inspire many people, share with friends and relatives.

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