Aglaonema Crispum The Easiest Indoor plants to grow in House

Aglaonema Crispum The Easiest Indoor plants to grow in House

Indoor plants are easy to grow

One of the main needs of the plant is not enough light to perform photosynthesis. But what happens if we want to put the plants in the house as part of the decor? Most plants need sunlight absolute abundant, such as the treatment of indoor and succulent sedum plant species. Even so, there is no alternative indoor plants for which you want to have a feel fresh and alive in the room.

Most indoor plants still can tolerate low light in the room and the room temperature. These plants are very suitable, and fortunately, this type has often encountered.

Indoor plants kalatea

Kalatea genus consisting of several species. These plants have leaves that are broad enough to dominance of dark green and light green, although there also has a slightly reddish hue. Motive is pretty suitable for all rooms, especially home-style minimalist modern Scandinavian-dominated or neutral white color. Keep these plants from too much sunlight can fade the color selected for beauty.

Indoor plants Dieffenbachia

Dieffenbachia plant also called happy. Unique once yes, his name? This happy plants could boom some time ago had a scene in the social media and websites on line news portal, because it supposedly contains toxins that in eating. Come to think of it, who also will devour house plants this? Plant happy is a type of plant that is widely available on the home page. As the interior decoration of the house, put this plant in flower pots of colored rattan plain gorgeous. Laying the right one is near a window, not in direct sunlight, but also no shortage of light.

Indoor plants Dracaena

These plants belong to the genus Suji. Leaves slender elongated and pointy at the end. Leaf shape like a Mohawk hair, it would be beautiful if it is placed in a pot-shaped animal heads or skulls. This species can grow a bit high. When it started high, move it to a larger pot. Direct sunlight can damage the leaves. Place it on the edge of the window for a moment, and then return to a more shaded in the house. Dracaena can grow high and thus require a rather large pot.

Lili Paris

Lili Paris is a kind of indoor plants resemble grass. This type can be placed on your desk, shelf, shelves, living room table, and hanged. Lili Paris could grow with dense and very well if it is in a place with no direct sunlight. Suitable once hung near the window of the room or the kitchen. Lili Paris in the pot-shaped teapot on old school books.


Philodendron is one of broadleaf plants from which are indoors. The leaves are heart-shaped and when fully grown will appear holes that became his trademark. The plant is also very suited to complement the cut flower vase along with chrysanthemums and roses. Pruning must be done regularly to prevent the branches grow longer and not tidy. Philodendron in a vintage pot, suitable for home-style shabby chic.

Indoor plants bromeliads

Bromeliads have thousands of species. Its main characteristics are tapered leaves. The leaves are still young and red flowers, yellow, orange or bright pink, so that it displays an attractive color combinations. These plants can live in damp areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. So if you want your bathroom fresher with indoor plants, bromeliads it is the right choice. Various types of bromeliads in a large pot produces a very beautiful color combinations, look at the picture.

Lili peace

His name is unique, huh? Lili peace also includes flowering plants are suitable to be placed in the home. This white flower is perfect for those who often forget to water your plants. Before watering again, make sure the soil is dry enough to be watered. Lili peace in a small vase carved angels.

Indoor plants Aglaonema Crispum

Aglaonema Crispum is one of the most indoor plants ‘hardiness’, because it can grow well in a very low light. Nurture it was just one or two times a year. So it is very fitting for you who are beginners in the world of gardening. Sri fortune leaves in a vase minimalist with exposed brick walls modern background see in the image.


Aloe-in-law is quite popular. In the courtyard, a Aloe-law can be a beautiful border to limit the trail with grassy areas. It turns out the tongue-in-law also grow well indoors. Basically, the tongue-in-law is a kind of indoor succulent plant, succulents which can live in both indoor and outdoor. Outside, the sun will help it grow fast and heavy. Nevertheless, the tongue-in-law can tolerate well the room was dim. For maintenance, not to root rot because too often watered.

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