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Drawing on the interior walls of a child’s room

In order for your child’s room more beautiful and comfortable then Draw painting on the wall of your child’s room with drawing on this post.
In addition to hang some ornaments decorations or photos on her wall, you can try to draw a mural on the walls to brighten the atmosphere without the need for professional help, you can even invite your son or daughter to do this activity together because it is quite easy and not too expensive. Tools and materials you will need:

The image to be created mural
Plastic transparent mica
Cardboard shoe box
Scotch tape
lime color
Paint brushes were
Small paint brush, for artistic detail
Wall (of course!)
Step 1: Select Image

Select the picture you want to paint the mural. Cartoons, animals, or flowers would be suitable for your son or daughter is still small. The similar picture can be found in magazines or picture books. Let your son or daughter determine their tastes while given a referral. Choose a funny picture but not too complicated, because this is your first experience is not unless you are good at drawing hobby and then it will not be too difficult.

Step 2: Trace Pictures

Trace the image you choose to mica transparent plastic with a permanent marker. Scratched lines as clear as possible so as not ambiguous, vague, doubtful.

Step 3: Projected Image

Create a simple projector using cardboard boxes, lamps and duct tape. Expects mica transparent wall mural that will be created. Keep the projector steady in place and can not move. if you have a projector infokus directly download images from your pc

Step 4: Trace Image Projection

Trace the image projected onto the wall with lime color. The use of lime intended to scratches that can be removed easily mistaken. Choose a color matching the paint chalk base of the wall so that the stroke is evident. For this activity, your son or daughter can participate. Stay assist them and invite to focus follows the line of the projected image. This way, you have created a mural on the wall outline.

Step 5: Start Paint

After capturing image projection wall with chalk, start painting from the sidelines. Use a small paint to begin outlining the image corresponding to the color you want. Your hand must be stable and it takes patience to not pass the chalk line. Of course this activity should do on your own for the sake of a perfect result for your son or daughter may be too excited and cautious. Once the borders are apparent, the contents of the drawing room with paint and give details to embellish your homemade mural.

Step 6: Completion

After all the finishing touches and the paint dries, wipe the walls with a clean cloth wiping from the sideline away from the mural is careful to remove the limestone left over from previous plagiarism.

Once finished, took a few steps and encourage your son or daughter admire the art work together. This activity is suitable for filling holiday and increase children’s creativity. You can select the picture shown below to be used as a picture on the wall. Good luck!


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