Decorating Wall Tiles for Home Interiors

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contemporary-living-room-with-fieldstone-tiles-walls Decorating wall tiles for interiors

Decorating Wall Tiles for Interiors

Decorating wall tiles for interiors – Already there are many people who decorate their houses with tiled walls. According to some people, decorating with tile wall will make the house look more beautiful and luxurious. You agree with this opinion?

Decorating the walls with tiles did help the room look more beautiful. Especially for areas prone to water seepage, such as walls that coincide with the roof of the house next door, tiled walls help reduce the seepage. But, there are a number of points that you need to consider before decorating with this wall tiles.

stone-mosaic-banner Decorating wall tiles for interiors

Decorating with wall tiles cannot be equated with tile floors
This happens frequently. Which should create a floor tile used as wall tiles. Of course the result is less attractive, even seem ugly. There are special tiles to the wall with a design specially designed. For walls, use tile wall panels are now widely produced, including: natural stone tiles, textured tiles, and tiles with a corrugated surface suitable motif you want to display. The wall tiles in the house, it also should not meet all of the surface of the wall, but only as an accent who beautify the interior. If it is too meets all surfaces, even feared would create boredom.

Decorating with wall tiles for the living room
For the living room area, choose one wall to tiled. The wall tiles will only be an accent, while the other side wall to keep using interior paints without motive. For the living room, do not use ordinary tiles. Currently, there are a lot of 3 dimensional tile product with motifs and wavy surface, creating a unique texture.

Bathroom Wall Tiles design ideas
In contrast to the living room area, you can coat all surfaces with tiled bathroom walls. This is because the bathroom is an area that will definitely get wet, so that the wall surface needs to be protected, not only using paint. There are a lot of options tiles for the bathroom area, adapted to the style of the bathroom interior is desirable, whether minimalist, classic, or natural. To enhance the natural, use natural stone tiles. As for the impression of minimalism, use ceramic or porcelain tiles usual without motives or with simple motifs. Here are some examples Applying the tiles on the bathroom wall.

Decorating wall tiles for out dor

Decorating with wall tiles in the outdoor area
For outdoor areas, the most appropriate to use the tile wall of natural stone materials. There are many types of natural stones suitable fence or wall mounted on the exterior wall of the house, with a variety of attractive colours. Stay adjust the desired shades. In addition to the fence wall, a wall of natural stone tiles are also suitable for wall outside area such as a patio or balcony.

Decorating wall tiles for kitchens
Wall usual kitchen is tiled back splash area, the wall between the kitchen counter top to the kitchen cabinet. Among the types of material existing back splash, ceramic or porcelain tiles is a material that is easy to get, easy to install, and easy maintenance. The price is cheaper than other materials. Selection of tiles for the back splash is tailored to the interior style and color of the kitchen cabinet.
Vintage-style tile back splash decorate modern vintage style kitchen.
Mid-century-style kitchen with a combination of black-white and white classic wall tile.

Decorating with wall tiles for the dining room
The decor in the dining room could not be ignored. In the past, older people happy to display the paintings of food, vegetables, and fruits in this room. For a modern minimalist dining room, you can use the tile wall and vintage and contemporary style, the style of the interior in the whole house. Accent wall in the form of ancient Talavera tile installation that is currently trending, make the dining room more hits. Conventional small-sized tiles decorate the walls in the dining room minimalist.

Decorating with wall tiles for the bedroom
The use of 3-dimensional tiles most appropriate if mounted above the headboard of the bed you. Can also use the classic-style ceramic tiles, to create room modern vintage.

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Decorating wall tiles for interiors

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