Cleaning granite and marble floors 3

Cleaning granite and marble floors 3

How to Cleaning granite and marble floors

Cleaning granite and marble floors – Marble and granite are the type of floor material which is quite luxurious. Many people who would like to have this floor at home. The price is much more expensive than ordinary ceramic floors, although today many ceramics that resemble both types of natural stone. Due to its price, lest you make a mistake in treatment. Know how to care for granite and marble flooring are correct, so that the floor in your home lovely stay awake like a new home.

First identify the character of granite and marble

Before you dig deeper into the characters how to care for granite and marble flooring, you should first know what the character of this flooring material. Either marble or granite is basically a material that is very durable despite decades old. The problem is both of these materials have pores that can absorb liquids and stains. If the stain is not immediately cleaned up, it will be difficult to eliminate. Granite and marble floors views became less beautiful shiny.

Granite and marble flooring surface is also extremely sensitive to friction and rough surfaces. One of the treatments and the selection of hygiene will actually make the floor in your home so quickly broken. Error choosing a floor cleaner can also reduce the shine on the floor. The marble surface to break more easily than granite, so the effect on the laying of furniture on it. Indeed advantage marble floor has a unique motif that is always different from one another.

Then how to care for granite and marble floors this?

How to care for granite and marble floor right
Supplies care should be used rag microfiber, which is a very fine cloth so as to keep the surface of the granite and marble floors. Special cleaning, cleaning with pH neutral or balanced specially made for cleaning the floors of granite and marble.
Sealer, which is a special protective coating of granite and marble that will protect the surface from scratches and stains scars from being quickly absorbed.

The equipment may not be used

Do not use a vacuum cleaner to clean the floors of granite and marble floors, because they feared the vacuum surface and the wheels can damage the floor.
Do not use a rough cloth, while cleaning the crusty stains hardened though.
Do not use liquids containing detergents and high acid. We recommend that you do not wear a regular floor cleaners because it will make the surface so dull and not shiny. Liquids such as vinegar may not be used on granite and marble surfaces, as it will damage the natural stone material.

How do I clean it?

The How to clean the floors of granite and marble

To clean the granite floor, spray the cleaner special taste, should not be excessive. Then immediately wipe with a microfiber cloth and dry it with a clean dry cloth and new (instead of the previous rag).
Special for marble floors, clearing it must follow the direction of the pattern. Not to wipe in a circular motion because it can reduce the beauty of natural motifs and reduce Values marble floors.
Mop the floor with a soft surface to maintain the condition of the floor remains excellent.
Immediately clean the stains from granite and marble floors, because if not so then the stain will stick, absorbed, and difficult to clean. Mopping the floor is done in 2 days or as needed.

Do not let the liquid to the floor that can get into the pores of the rock, especially to the marble floor. Immediately clean up spilled liquids with a microfiber cloth and wipe clean with a dry cloth.
If it is difficult find a special cleaning of granite and marble, use dishwashing soap. Do not use regular floor cleaning. Mix a bit of dish soap into a bucket of water, then dissolve. Try the first solution on the floor were small and not visible. If it does not cause negative effects, meaning dishwashing detergent is safe to use. Immediately wipe with a dry cloth and clean after the mop.

Extra Cleaning granite and marble floors Tips

In addition to how to Cleaning granite and marble floors which have been mentioned above, you also have to understand how to treat this floor every day.

Prepare doormat outside area of granite or marble-floored room, so that the stain of sand, gravel, and the other is not carried on and sticking to the floor.
Use protective rubber on each leg furniture that did not make the floor scuffed and scratched. Use a sealer or coating the floor every once a month to maintain the quality of the floor that are not easily stained dull moment.

How to care for granite floor is different by treating the wood flooring and vinyl flooring caring techniques. Whatever type of flooring your home with proper care will make the interior look beautiful and charming ..

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Cleaning granite and marble floors

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