Choosing Bathroom Shower Design Ideas

Choosing Bathroom Shower

Choosing Bathroom Shower – The bathroom has become an integral part of a home. Considering the bathroom has a very important function is as a place to get cleaned up after a day of activities outside the home.

Because the function is very important and can not be replaced with another room, bathroom arguably is one of the main requirements in building a comfortable home. Apart from being a place to get cleaned up, this time along with the time, the bathroom too often have other functions as a place for relaxation and leisure owners, or even some people who make the bathroom as a place for inspiration.

This is because the bathroom is usually located at the very back of the house, and the atmosphere also tend to be quieter than the other rooms. Additionally, the bathrooms usually have cooler temperatures and cool so that the owner or other family members also feel more comfortable to linger in the bathroom.

Because the bathroom is needed, many people are not only designing or setting up a bedroom and a living room as comfortable as possible, but on the other hand they are also very concerned about the comfort and beauty of bathroom design, including by choosing furniture that is in the bathroom.

Talk about the bathroom, despite a number of furniture or items that are less than the other rooms, the bathroom has some basic furniture such as a toilet, a place to store all toiletries and of course the bathtub. For furniture latter, ie an actual bathtub is now rarely used. Instead bathroom that has a modern and minimalist design often prefer to use a shower.

It is not without reason, for those who have a bathroom with minimal size, the use of television would be more save space there for shower usually associated walled bathrooms and size is not large. Second, the shower also helps you make savings on water, given the water that comes out of the shower, if the owner to use it. Lastly, the use of shower more easily and efficiently than with a bathtub or shower.

Well if you feel compelled to use a shower and change your bathtub, the next thing you do is choose the right shower for your bathroom. Now that you are not the wrong choice, you should read some tips on how to choose the right shower bathroom, below!

Tips on How to Choose the Right Bathroom Shower

1. Size and Shape Shower

Shower available in the market is now more diverse, both shape or size. You can choose a built-in shower that has been embedded in the wall or ceiling if you want the bathroom to look neat and practical. Meanwhile, some tipehand shower flexible to be moved anywhere. Make sure the buffer shower is at an elevation that is easily accessible to all family members. The ideal altitude between 190 cm to 200 cm.

2. Strength of Water Spray Shower

There are several types of showers are complemented by a number of features, including power setting spray water. Strength shower water spray pattern varied, ranging from water splashes like needles, fine sprays to heavy spray. You can use all three spray volume is based on need. If you want to feel relaxed shower activity, choose a fine spray.

3. Setting Temperatures on the bathroom shower

One of the features offered by the producers of television today is the temperature setting, meaning shower equipped with a thermostat. Choose a material that is able to inhibit hot shower so that the skin is not blistering time on the thermostat.

4. Installation Shower

Put the shower including the stand-alone models in the corner of the room to be more efficient and feels roomy. Consider the position in which the insulating curtain (shower curtain or glass) must be mounted so water splashes do not spread everywhere.

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In addition to the four above, you should also pay attention to the floor and wall covering materials. Floor surfaces should be coated with anti-skid material such as rubber or wood that is not slippery. For the walls should be lined with waterproof material or waterproof so slippery ceramic wall and grow moss. In addition to the floor and the wall, the other thing you should consider in choosing a shower is the design shape. Although at first glance look the same, but in fact television has a lot of design, and not every design is suitable for your bathroom. So that no one chose shower, here we have some Bathroom Shower Design Modern maybe you can use as a reference before buying, See pictures below.

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