Arrange Flowers in vase & Tricks Arranging with lemon

Arrange Flowers in vase & Tricks Arranging with lemon

How to arrange flowers in a vase for garnish

Arrange flowers in vase – Like do not like, it should be recognized that the flower is a symbol of beauty. And your home will be more interesting if you have only one or two flowers in it. In addition to giving the feel of living in a crowded home, flowers also provide a fresh scent. The problem is, not everyone is born with the talent of flower arranging. Not everybody has a hobby organizing and arranging flowers. But that does not mean you can not do. Because there are many tricks how to arrange flowers practically and easily, in order to keep your home look attractive. Flowers can be arranged in a simple way, but still needed a trick to get the best results.

Tricks how to arrange flowers

How to arrange flowers with tape

If you’ve set up lots of flowers in a vase round, usually interest position can be shifted easily. Flowers already arranged can be messy back. In order not to shift too far away from its position, adjust the placement of small flowers with duct tape stretched in the mouth vase. Expand masking tape until it resembles a net. Then, enter the appropriate flower arrangement you want through holes masking nets. In this way, the position will not be easy to shift interest. See pictures Flowers laid out with masking tape so that is not easy to shift.

How to cut the flowers at an angle of 45 °

Cut flower stems with a slope of 45 °. This will help the fresh flowers that easily absorb nutrients from the water in a vase. How to cut interest properly before being put vases.

How to arrange flowers still buds so quickly blossom

If the flowers are still buds it is a small one, can be used as a variation to be more natural look. Well if the amount of interest that has not bloomed there are many or even all of them, you need to do this trick. Enter flower stems into warm water briefly, about 1 minute. Then immediately move to the bucket or basin of warm water. Let stand for about 20 minutes. Thus, the flower buds will begin to bloom faster. It was only then move into a vase.

How to arrange flowers with a short stalk

Sometimes, because of the process of delivery that are less tidy, a few broken stalks. Though interest rates are still good. But the center stalk is already ugly. Overcome this by using a small vase. If you do not have it, use cups, glasses or bowls gorgeous owned. Cut the stems of the flower that can be reused and governance into the cup. Flowers with short stalks arranged in a container which is short too.

How to organize succulent

Did not succulent flowers, but the plant is very suitable to decorate the table. With its unique shape and color, succulents should be placed in a pot that is unique as well. For example, use glasses, small bowls, cups, other objects of interest. Succulent can be planted anywhere, including on a gorgeous mug.
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How to arrange flowers with sliced fruit

To add a fresh scent, lemon slices are usually added to the vase. So how to put lemon slices vertically and tidy so that it is difficult. Instead of arranging difficulties, it is better to use only double vase. Between the two vases, place lemon slices arrangement. Then in the vase inside, you can put flowers. see picture arranging flowers adorned with slices of lemon.

How to arrange flowers in cool man

Men certainly do not like flowers. For that, you must choose a flower that is a bit dark, to give the impression remains neutral and cool man. So that the house does not look too cheesy and feminine. It’s okay to use a rose or chrysanthemum, but with a lot of leaves and small flowers dark colors. Choose flowers with a neutral color with a combination of dark colors so that the interior is not too feminine.

How to arrange flowers like a bouquet circular
One problem is the difficulty of arranging flowers inability to put flowers in a circular pattern. Chances are, the part that does not fit. How to make a bouquet in a vase that is correct is to put flowers intersect. So flowers are arranged one by one, from top to bottom. To be equitable, flower stalks are arranged to cross each other.

Like that easy way to arrange flowers in the house, I hope you are inspired .


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