arrange flowers in the living room 10

arrange flowers in the living room 10

Arrange Flowers in the Gorgeous Living Room

Arrange flowers – The living room is one room that is important. although its function is not as important as the bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, but the function of the living room also can not be ignored. This is because the living room, usually the first room was in the very front which will automatically be seen by outsiders. In addition, the living room also serves as a place to receive guests who come to your home. Even today many family events that make the living room as a venue. Thus, you must pay attention to neatness and beauty of your living room so that when the guests went into the living room they will feel comfortable and do not get bored with the exciting atmosphere of a living room.

Actually, making the living room becomes looks interesting, it is not difficult and expensive. To make your living room to be interesting, you can start from small things, like changing tablecloths and curtains with color or that has a unique motif. You can also add cushions with beautiful motifs, and as a supplement you can add interest as a final touch to beautify your living room.

Flowers, even though small in size, but the color is cheerful able to change the atmosphere of your living room becomes brighter. However, to put flowers to the living room, there are some tips you should consider.
The following tips arranging the living room with ornate flowers.

Organizing Tips Living With Flower Decoration Classical

1. Use Vase

If you want to add a positive aura in the house, you can put flowers in the kitchen, dining room, family room, balcony or other area where you spend the most time at home. Choose a vase that matches the size and shape of the flower you want to display. If you want to set up a living room with various types of flowers in one place, use a large vase. But if you just want to arrange the living room with one or two flowers, just use a narrow vase with medium high.


2. Note Placement

No need to adjust the color of flowers with the theme of the room, because basically suitable flowers to beautify the place with any style. Just take note placement, do not put flowers on the table that is already filled with photo frames and other displays, because it will reduce the beauty of flowers. You can arrange the living room with a vase of flowers in the corner of the stairs, the dining table or a corner of the room. Role of flowers with colors – colors act as a counterweight and contrasting elements in space and give effect freshness. Enough with the simple steps that provide a large selection of vases and fresh flowers. Everything you can try according to the needs and creativity to showcase flower arrangements are simple, beautiful and charming are ready to decorate the corner of your living room.

3. Guest Room Temperature
In addition to extra attention in arranging the living room with flowers in the room, the room temperature should also be considered. Plant growth can be halted and cause damage to the temperature that is too low or high. Thus, the rule of thumb to keep the temperature comfortable night is 10-15 degrees lower than normal temperatures. The sunlight is still needed for its growth rate despite being in the room. Light can help the process of photosynthesis, converting mineral water into food for plants. Flowers should look for the light so that it grows in one direction, to the diligent rotate periodic interest. Bring out the room in order to get some fresh air approximately once every two weeks.

4. Avoid Sunlight

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight when the treatment, even though 5 minutes so that the leaves of plants not scorched. In addition humidity should also be noticed, air conditioning can dry the moisture in the air, so that the plants are placed in an air conditioned room should be considered. Look at the tip of the leaf, whether brown or seemed to wilt. Place the plant on a tray of wet gravel. The water that evaporates into the top of the stone surface will create humidity around the flowers

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