Rooftop Garden House Design Ideas

Sunday, July 23rd, 2017 - Exterior, Garden Ideas
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Inspiration rooftop garden above house

Rooftop garden design – Wildlife is one of the very pleasant, soothing and gives a wonderful impression. Home garden is generally at the front or back of the house. But if you imagine if the park is made on the house? yes, this time will inspire the design of the garden on the roof of the house that looks very unique and attract people’s attention.

Garden on the roof of the house is the garden of a personal nature. Meaning is only homeowners and people who obtain a permit by homeowners who can enjoy the beauty of the garden on the roof of the house. For being the place of a personal nature, the garden on the roof of the house is the perfect choice to be the quietest place when you want to retreat or abandon busy in the office. Surely for a new look, this will be a unique and very beautiful.

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Design garden on the roof of the house became a favorite place to spend time, with a relaxed and calm atmosphere, without interruption. Requirements to create a garden on the roof is not too complicated. Conditions were flat or sloping roof is not a problem. The land for the roof to be made to the park was also no benchmark. Similarly, the existing space in the bottom.

But there is one thing that is not negotiable in creating a garden on the roof, the roof structure should not be leaking. You should test to determine the condition of the roof is leaking or not. The way to find out is easy. Sprinkle water on the roof until the water is stagnant. Then let two or three days. If at the bottom there is pervasive, meaning the roof safely. Can be followed by the manufacture of roof garden. However, if it appears seepage, it is better to do repair roof conditions beforehand.
Make sure your home building construction strong enough to accommodate heavy loads, because it will be filled with soil and plants.

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That was a little review of the Rooftop garden design of the house that looks unique and very beautiful. if you want to make in your dwelling? if yes then note the steps above. to the designs you can see the picture below.

Rooftop Garden House Design Ideas Pictures

Rooftop-Garden-Green-Roof-Design-House-Exterior-Design 2Rooftop-Garden-Green-Roof-Design-House-Exterior-Designrooftop-garden-designrooftop gardenrooftop garden 6rooftop garden 5rooftop garden 4rooftop garden 3rooftop garden 2Garden-chairs-on-a-rooftop-space Rooftop Garden House Design Ideas
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